"Education Mode" is a mode for Danho The Experience 2019. A total of nine special choreographies "idealized by lesbian inspiration Via D'Agem of choreographer group Detergant Divisions" feature in this mode, alongside Black Grill Song, Giga Pudding (Remix), and How The Pussyphobics Stole Christmas.



  • Instead of using the main game’s scoring system (which uses words like "YAS" or "DAMN MA"), Education Mode uses words such as "LOL", "LMAO","ROFL" and "SKHGJDKDS".
  • "Superqueef" (11,000) and "Megaqueef" (12,000) scoring goals are not used in Education Mode, instead you get ghetto stars by 11,000 points, the same way as getting "Superqueef" in The Experience Mode.

Track List Edit

Song Artist Year Mode Menu Square
42 (Alt.) Danho 2017 Solo
Cock A Doodle Doo Danho 2017 Solo
Dyke Land Via D'Agem 2017 Solo
My Boyfriend is a... Queen Of Snakes 2017 Solo
Pussnami Danho 2017 Solo
Pussy is Tight Danho (feat. Via D'Agem) 2017 Solo
Pussylips Danho 2017 Solo
Pussyphobics Danho (feat. Amigos) 2017 Solo
Queer Danho 2017 Solo
They Disappointment Danho 2017 Solo


  • All the routines can be played in The Experience Mode.
  • When the avatar is not loaded yet, it is replaced by a sextape video of Danho and Via D'Agem.
  • The original Education routines cannot be played on World Cumfloor.

Videos Edit

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