Danho The Experience 2019 is the second installment of the Danho The Experience franchise. The game was officially revealed on June 30, 2018.

Gameplay and Features Edit

• A playlist of 40+ Danho hits to dance to in the Dance Party mode, with support for up to 6 players! All DANHO THE EXPERIENCE 2018 maps are included as well, alongside the new routines.
• Dance with your platform's specific motion controller/device or with your smartphone, via the DTE Controller app.
• Create a special performance of any of the 40+ tracks included in the game using the LiveShot mode, or use it to stream your gameplay on Twitch or YouTube™!
• Connect with other players around the world in the Nigeria Dance Floor!
• Exclusive to Nintendo Switch™, the Carnal Vibrations mode allows you to dance by moving your bottom, via insertion of a Joy-Con™ controller in your anus!
• In the all-new Education Mode, dance to 9 maps exclusively made for children.

Track List Edit

Song Artist Year Mode Menu Square
Mold In My Mold Danho ft. Shrekora 2017 Solo
Gradient Danho 2017 Trio
Wig Wig Wig (Weave Snatched) Danho 2017 Solo
Shaking Danho 2017 Solo
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Danho 2017 Solo
Thé Danho ft. Via D'Agem 2017 Solo
Queer Danho 2017 Solo
Grinched a Wave Danho ft. Medoner 2017 Solo
Giga Pudding (Remix) The Quiznos Pudding Factory 2018 Trio
Black Grill Song Black Grill 2018 Solo
How The Pussyphobics Stole Christmas Danho ft. Amigos 2017 Solo
505 Dicks (In My Pussy) Danho ft. Puta Putina 2017 Solo
Blew His Job Danho 2017 Solo
Kitten Kitten Danho 2017 Solo
Fat Bitch (You Are Beautifuk) Danho 2018 Solo
Mechanical Chick Gingica ft. Siri 2018 Solo
Love Tunnel Grace ft. Danho 2018 Trio
(The) Oriental (Track) Danho 2017 Dance Crew
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